Monday, October 4, 2010

Vila, Show Your Hidden Nature

Tuesday's reading was done with The Goddess Oracle.

The Vila are the Slavic versions of nymphs that are often depicted as beautiful winged women, naked or dressed in white with long flowing hair, although they are shape-shifters and can also appear as swans, horses, snakes, or falcons, or as natural phenomena such as whirlwinds. The Vila live deep in the forest. They are fierce protectors of it's animals and plants and are revered for their deep knowledge of herbal healing. Humans who harm their creatures may be lured into a magic circle and danced to death, crushed in a landslide or drowned in a river.

They are here today to remind you to honor nature and all it's gifts. But also to honor your own nature and gifts. Remember that you are a complex person with many aspects. Allow yourself to shape shift and show all your different "animals".

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