Friday, October 1, 2010

Isis, It's Time for Mothering

This weekend's reading was done with The Goddess Oracle.

Isis is the Egyptian Goddess of magic and the giver of life. Unlike other Egyptian Goddesses she spent time among her people, teaching women how to grind corn and make bread, spin flax and weave cloth, and how to tame men enough to live with them. Over time as she gained popularity she embodied the characteristics of all the lesser Goddesses that preceded her. In later Egyptian history she became best known for her association with her brother Osiris. He became her lover and her brother Set killed him out of jealousy and dismembered his body and scattered the pieces. Isis gathered the pieces of Osiris' body and with her magic brought him back to life and conceived her son Horus with him.

Isis is here today to remind you of your mothering abilities. Are you a mother or nurturer to others? Don't forget to save some of that energy for yourself. Have you been feeling unfulfilled lately? Maybe it's time to start a new project. Your mothering energy doesn't need to be directed toward a person a project is the perfect place to put that energy.

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