Monday, October 18, 2010

Sedna, don't remain a victim.

Tuesday's card was drawn from The Goddess Oracle deck.

Sedna is the Inuit Goddess of the ocean. She was a beautiful young woman who is not impressed by any of her multiple suitors. One day a sea bird promised to take her away to his comfortable and luxurious home. The impulsive young girl eloped with the bird. However when she reached her new home she found it was a filthy and smelly nest and her new husband treated her like a slave. Sedna begged her father to come get her and take her home and he did. However while they were crossing the sea a flock of angry birds surrounded their boat. The flocks flapping wings caused a tremendous storm to arise and the small vessel tossed from side to side. Fearing for his own safety, Sedna's father threw her into the ocean to appease the birds. When Sedna tried to climb back into the boat her father cut off her fingers. As she sank to the bottom of the ocean, her dismembered limbs grew into fish, seals, whales, and all of the other sea mammals. She became the Goddess of the deep ocean and the provider of food for her people. But she only provides if her people respect her. Sedna found her power and never again would be a victim.

Sedna is here today to remind you that you have power over your own life. Bad things happen to everyone and at some point you will feel like a victim, but take a lesson from Sedna. She could have sunk to the bottom of the ocean and stayed there in misery but instead she found a purpose to her life and demanded respect from others.

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