Friday, October 8, 2010

Sheila Na Gig, Our Wombs Should Not Be Feared

This weekend's card was drawn from The Goddess Oracle.

Sheila Na Gig is the name given to the stone carvings of a woman holding open her womb. These are found widely over Ireland and Britain but are found throw out the world. Their meaning is widely debated by historians. Some relating them to Ancient Mother Goddesses and others calling them warnings against lewd sexual behavior. The beauty of religious and spiritual beliefs is that they evolve with the needs of the people. Today we need to be reminded of our power as women. We are the givers of life and death. Our wombs are warm and protective and should not be feared. In this card the Sheila Na Gig is portrayed as a hag (wise woman) in all her glory: rib cage of bone, breast dried out and sagging, with few remaining teeth and little hair, yet vibrate and defiant in the beauty of her age. This beauty is the right of all women to claim. She dares you to look at her, face your fears of aging, and triumph in your celebration of what will age and die.

Meditate on these things and remember that your greatest power comes from your ability to birth. But this does not just mean children. You birth things every day with your creative energies and your wise woman thoughts. And your ability to birth doesn't end at menopause but only gains in wisdom.

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