Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the Hanged One, let your ego drift away.

Thursday's card was drawn from the Motherpeace deck.

In many different cultures hanging upside down is a symbol of initiation. Inanna descended to the underworld, was stripped of all her worldly possessions and was hung naked upside down. She had to give herself over completely and in a way die before she could learn the secrets of death. She returned to the world a changed woman with new knowledge. This story has been repeated again over and over again, even the Christan Jesus was hung on the cross and then resurrected three days later. Yogis teach their students to stand on their heads believing this will cause a change in their mental state. Their main goal is to have the ego disappear into the greater mind. In other words to experience the death of 'self' so they can become a part of something greater then themselves.

The Hanged One is here today to tell you not to be afraid of letting go. Allow your ego to drift away, it is the only way to truly feel ecstasy or love. Look at the world from a different angle, you'll be amazed at the things that are there that you've never noticed.

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