Thursday, October 7, 2010

Inanna, Embracing the Shadow

Friday's card was drawn from The Goddess Oracle.

Inanna is the Queen of Heaven and Earth and the Goddess of Love. She is also Goddess of Grain, War, Fertility, Sexual Love. She traveled to the under world to learn the secret of death and bring it back to her people. By doing this she taught us the death is not to be feared and is a necessary part of life.

The Goddess Speaks: "I went there of my own free will, I went there in my finest gown, with my rarest jewels and my Queen of Heaven crown. In the Underworld at each of the seven gates I was stripped seven times of all that I thought I was till I stood bare in who I really am. Then I saw Her. She was huge and smelly and hairy with a lion's head and lion's claws devouring everything before Her. Ereskigal, my sister. She was all that I am not, all that I have hidden, all that I have buried, she is what I have denied. Ereskigal, my sister, Ereskigal, my shadow, Ereskigal, my self." -Amy Sophia Marashinsky

She is here today to remind you that your dark side is something not to be denied. You cannot be a whole person with out it. Wipe off your makeup, mess up your hair, strip off your clothes and scream. Let out the anger you've been holding in. If you feel like you've been embracing the darkness for to long she is here to tell you it is time to journey back to the living world. If you spend to much time in the darkness you will start to feel sorry for yourself and forget about the joys of living.

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