Wednesday, November 17, 2010

3 of discs, Working Together

Thursday's card was drawn from the Motherpeace deck.

This card shows three women working together to build a structure, most likely something that will benefit not only them but the whole community. They are here to remind you if you have a project that seems to big then seek the aid of those around you. Working together not only makes it easier but also more enjoyable. You will make new friend and strengthen your bonds with friends and family.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lovers, the Joining of Two into One.

Wednesday's card was drawn from the Motherpeace deck.

The Lovers card represents the joining of two as one. This could mean two people in love joining in a physical union but it is not limited to this. It could be two minds joining to create something greater then the two could ever have alone. It could mean bring two conflicting parts of your own personality together to create a more balanced self. What ever the union that is in store for you, you need to be open to it. If you are not willing to let of your ego you will never be able to join with another and you will miss out in all the peace and joy that a union can bring.

Monday, November 15, 2010

9 of Wands, Experience and Power are Yours.

Tuesday's card was drawn from the Motherpeace deck.

The nine of wands is a very energetic card. The woman pictured sits in meditation with nine flaming wands behind her. The wands are an accumulation of a life time of knowledge and power. She has learned to store her energy and save it for when it is needed. She is here to remind you to do the same. You can draw energy and power from everything you have learned over the years, but don't waste it, put it to good use and you will do great things.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Crone, Enjoy the Solitude

Monday's card was drawn from the Motherpeace deck.

The Crone stands at the crossroads not sure which direction to take she looks to the sky Goddess for aid. The stars and the moon are lanterns left out for her guidance. There is a decision to be made in your life. But this is a decision you need to make on your own, your friends and family can't help you. You must take sometime exploring your inner self, this is where your answer is. The Crone is here to guide you during this time of solitude. Take you time and enjoy the quiet and get reacquainted with yourself. Sometimes we loss ourselves in our fast paced lives. Once you find yourself you will know which road to take.

Monday, November 8, 2010

10 of Wands, Dance!

Tuesday's card was drawn from the Motherpeace deck.

The 10 of wands is a very energetic card. The women pictured in this card are evolved in a trance dance. They are letting all of their built up energy out. They are releasing stress, anxiety, hope, fear- everything that has built up within them. We all need to do this from time to time and what better way to do it then within a safe and trusted community.

How long has it been since you spent time with your girl friends. Have you let work and family take over your life? Perhaps it's time to call your friends and sisters and have a girls nights. If this isn't possible you can meet them in meditation. Find some time when you won't be disturb, turn on some music and dance. Your sisters will join you in the ethers.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

8 of Cups, emotional change.

Monday's card was drawn from the Motherpeace deck.

Eight is the number of change and cups is the suit of emotions. Pictured in this card is an octopus holding eight very different cups. The octopus is a creature that can hide behind its own ink cloud. Do you feel like you've been hiding? Are you juggling to many different emotions? You have a lot of things going on in your life and you are being pulled in a new direction. Do not be afraid of change, do not let it stress you out. Just relax and let the ocean currents take you where they may. You have the strength to handle what ever comes.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

10 of Discs, Working Together.

This weekend's card was drawn from the Motherpeace deck.

The ten of discs is all about community coming together for a common cause. Here a woman is giving birth aided by three other women. She is surrounded by ten other women all holding discs with different images on them. Each person in the community has a talent of gift that they are offering to teach to the child. These women have learned that a community that shares and works together is a strong one.

The ten of discs is here today to remind you that you are not alone. You are part of a community. Have you forgotten this? Are you trying to solve all your problems alone? Are you afraid to ask others for help when you have to much to do? Reach out to the people in your life, you may be amazed at how much they are willing to help. Or are you the one who is in the position to help others? Do not think of it as a duty or a choir. Working together with others can be very rewarding and will strengthen your bonds with those around you.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Strength, the Power Within You

Thursday's card was drawn from the Motherpeace deck.

The Strength card like our last card, the Empress, represents the Mother Earth Goddess. However, the Empress is the grain Goddess who provides for her people where Strength is the Earth Goddess in her raw female power form. She is the fire Goddess and holds her flame out to us. Her fire is the passion that gives our lives meaning. She is the woman in all of us who is connected with nature, animals, and the moon. All women have the power to tap into these things and access great wisdom.

She is here today to remind you of your own power. What ever is going on in your life you have the strength to get through it. Trust in yourself and listen to your internal voice.

Brigid's Flame is once again burning in the town square of Kildare, Irland

Monday, November 1, 2010

the Empress, life is abundant.

Tuesday's card was drawn from the Motherpeace deck.

The Empress represents the archetypal Mother Earth Goddess. She is Ishtar, Aphrodite, Demeter and many more. In this image she is lounging in a fertile green field smelling one of her roses. She is content and relaxed knowing that all is well and her people are well cared for. Her plants grow abundantly and her animals are thriving.

She is here today to remind you of the abundance of life. To often today we get caught up in our things and possessions and we forget the beauty of life. Spend some time outside today. Or take it a step further and try to go the whole day without buying anything material- anything unnecessary to sustain your life.