Thursday, October 14, 2010

Uzume, laughter is good medicine.

This weekend's card was drawn from The Goddess Oracle deck.

The Japanese Shinto Goddess of joy and happiness, Uzume is called the Daughter of Heaven and Heaven's Forthright Female. Her name means "whirling". She is also the Goddess of good health, which people obtain from drinking blessed water of her stream. When the Sun Goddess Amaterasu had hidden herself in a cave, thus covering the earth in darkness and infertility, it was Uzume who brought her back. With her provoking and curlew dances she managed to make the gods laugh so hard, that Amaterasu left the cave to see what was so funny. Her emerging brought light and life back to the earth.

She is here today to remind you that in even the gravest of times a little laughter can be just what is needed.

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