Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wed. 9/1 card: Coatlicue

Today's reading was done using The Goddess Oracle.

Coatlicue (Serpent Skirt) is the mother of the Aztec deities. The card depicts her mourning the death of her daughter Coyolxauhqul, the Moon Goddess. She reminds us that mourning is a necessary process. You can not avoid your grief it will catch up with you. Like wise you should not stay in a bad situation (relationship, job) because you fear the loss.

Take some time today to meditate, ask your inner self to open up and let go of any grief you've been holding onto. You may be unaware of issues from your past that you haven't completely mourned yet. As things come forth acknowledge them and let them go. When you feel the process is complete sing, dance, drum, what ever you need to remind yourself that all grieving leads to new beginnings.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Tuesday 8/31 card: Three of Wands

Today's reading was done using the Motherpeace Deck.

For the second day in a row we have drawn a card that is about expressing knowledge in creative ways. Today's card is more about passing information from one generation to the next. Do you have children or other young people in your life? Try surprising them with a new activity today, sing, dance or paint. By just spending time with you they will learn. No young people in your life play with your own inner child.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Card for Monday 8/30: Nine of Discs

Today's reading was done using the Motherpeace deck.

This card shows the solitary wise woman. She has isolated herself in the desert to work on her magick and listen to her snake guide. The snake represents the inner wisdom all women possess. Take some time out today to commune with your inner wise woman. You don't need to go to the desert just put aside some me time to mediate or work on an art or crafts project. Wisdom naturally comes through in all creative endeavours.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Card for Sat 8/28 and Sun 8/29: 5 of swords

Todays reading was done with the Motherpeace deck.

5 of Swords- Mental conflict is all around, have you been fighting with someone or yourself? If you don't act soon you may be "stung". This conflict cannot be won by continuing on your current path. The only way out is to realize winning is not the most important thing and many times the one who walks away first is the true winner. This includes putting aside your own internal conflicts for awhile, you need a brake- beating yourself up will get you nowhere. Things will become clear with time.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Card for Friday 8/27: Ten of Cups

Today's reading was done using the Motherpeace deck.

Ten of Cups, this card is all about community and rejoicing. Have you participated in your community lately? This card reminds us that group projects are well worth the effort and hard work. The best way to achieve any goal is to work together. It also reminds us to take time after you have reached your goal to celebrate and rejoice together, and to show your appreciation to the universe- raise your hands to the sky and thank your 'rainbow'.