Friday, September 17, 2010

The Star, Time to Enter the Healing Waters.

This weekends card was drawn from the Motherpeace deck.

The Star card represents the calm after the storm. She comes after the destruction of the Tower card. Now everything has quieted down and you are in need of self-healing. It is time to remember that inside every woman is the radiant beauty of the stars above. On the Yucatan Peninsula of Central America women perform the healing ritual that is depicted in the Motherpeace artwork. A hollow is created in the earth and a woman baths there naked. The other women cover the surface of the water with flowers and dance around her singing and praying in order to heal her. This is the nurturing effect of tribal sisterhood.

In our fast paced modern lives we need to remember to set aside time for self healing. Take some time this weekend for a ritual bath, a massage, or eat some nourishing food. Or better yet plan something with your sisters and friends. You don't need to spend money you could give each other pedicures.

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