Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lilith, Remember Your Power

Today's reading was done with The Goddess Oracle.

I dance my life for myself, I am whole, I am complete.
I say what I mean and I mean what I say.
I dance the dark and the light, the conscious and the unconscious, the sane and the insane and I speak from myself, authentically, with total conviction, without regard for how I might look. All the parts of myself flow into the whole all my divergent selves unite as one. I listen to what needs to be heard. I never make excuses. I feel my feelings deeply and profoundly. I never hide. I live my sexuality please myself and pleasure others. I express it as it needs to be expressed from the core of myself, from the wholeness of dance. I am female, I am sexual, I am power, I was greatly feared.

Lilith's story, perhaps more then any other Goddess, has changed greatly over the centuries. Some believe she was a Sumerian Queen of heaven proceeding Inanna. In a later she is the demon snake at the base of the tree Inanna was tending too. However, the ancient poem this story comes from does not mention the name of the demon snake. Some believe her name was attached to this story much later after the Hebrew story of Lilith came about. The Hebrews believed Lilith was Adam's first wife. She left Adam because she refused to lie beneath him during intercourse. She insisted that because they were created equal that they needed to have sex equally. Adam's second wife Eve was made from a part of his rib so that she would have to be submissive to him. It is from this story that many modern feminists find inspiration.

Lilith is here today to remind you of your power. Do not let others control you. Always stand up for yourself. Insist that those around you treat you like an equal.

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