Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ixchel, Women's Creativity

Friday's card was drawn from The Goddess Oracle deck.

Ixchel is a Maya Goddess of the Yucatan peninsula on Cozumel, her sacred island. She is a goddess of the waters, the earth, the moon, and matron of weavers and artisans. She was known as Lady Rainbow, Mother Earth, Womb, and The Cave of Life. She helps assure fertility by holding the sacred womb jar upside down so that the waters of creation can be ever flowing.

She is here to remind us that women's creativity is expressed not only by birthing children but in everything we do. What do you do to show your creativity? Is it through your work, your family, your hobbies? However you do it find time for your creativity. Expressing yourself will help balance your life and relief stress.

1 comment:

  1. Right now I am so immersed in school that I am tending to lose myself. I need to retain some balance, remember the the Mother, and the Moon. The time is coming that I must celebrate the passing of my father, and it's a hard time. Remembering the Goddess and Summerland will help me. Thank you, Flidai, for the opportunity to express myself. Blessed Be.