Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wed. 9/1 card: Coatlicue

Today's reading was done using The Goddess Oracle.

Coatlicue (Serpent Skirt) is the mother of the Aztec deities. The card depicts her mourning the death of her daughter Coyolxauhqul, the Moon Goddess. She reminds us that mourning is a necessary process. You can not avoid your grief it will catch up with you. Like wise you should not stay in a bad situation (relationship, job) because you fear the loss.

Take some time today to meditate, ask your inner self to open up and let go of any grief you've been holding onto. You may be unaware of issues from your past that you haven't completely mourned yet. As things come forth acknowledge them and let them go. When you feel the process is complete sing, dance, drum, what ever you need to remind yourself that all grieving leads to new beginnings.

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